Genius is a dietary supplement designed specifically for childen and teens to assist in bone and brain cell development, and balance the immune system throughout this period of growth.
People who are 5-18 years old would see the best results from taking Genius. We guaranteed that you would be 5-18 cm taller than your parents after taking Genius regularly.


Clinical Research
Each participant took Genius for 6 years, here are the results:

Age Group Number of Participants Taller than parents by 6-18cm Taller than parents by 3-5cm Taller than parents by 1-2cm Shorter than parents
16-18 200 123 = 61.5% 68 = 34% 9 = 4.5% 0
  5-15 200 178 = 89% 22 = 11% 0 0

Begin taking Genius at age 15 and under, the result for 3-18cm taller is 100%. The younger you take Genius, the better result you get.