Special Characteristics of Clair Fish Collagen Peptide:
Clair Fish Collagen Peptide is extracted from best quality deep-sea fish. Using state of the art technology, Clair Fish Collagen Peptide is manufactured by hydrolysis of fish gelatin by enzymes. During processing, the molecular weight s reduced to 1000 Dalton. These tiny molecules can aid enhanced absorption and boost collagen level in human body. Clair Fish Collagen Peptide helps improve skin moisture level, skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and promote healthy hair and nails. This product can be taken as a dietary supplement and applied externally for skin care and beauty purpose. It helps you look younger and healthier.
Clair Fish Collagen Peptide is composed of amino acids, including glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are unique and not commonly found in other protein sources.Skin With Sufficient Collagen:
Skin with sufficient collage is healthy, smooth, supple, white, and tight. Skin with insufficient collagen is unhealthy, dry, dull, and loose. Wrinkles also appear.
Hyaluronic Acid in Human Body is named as “Natural Moisturizing Factor”
Hyaluronic Acid, Which Is Only 2% Of Skin, Can Lock 98% Of Water:
When there is efficient collagen in human body, there is efficient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an acid mucopolysaccharide. With special molecular structure and chemical property, it plays an important role in human body. It is a lubricant for joints, softens and maintains the health of blood vessels, adjusts the diffusion and operation of protein and electrolyte, help wound healing, and etc. The most important part is that, hyaluronic acid can hold water in its special helix columnar structure. It is an excellent moisturizing material for human body. Hyaluronic acid is a natural biological substance. Including in the skin, it exists in the body widely. Due to its excellent moisturizing function, it is called as the most ideal natural moisturizing factor. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin to catch and lock the water. Hyaluronic acid only occupies only 2% of skin. It can keep and lock 98% of water in skin. Clair Fish Collagen Peptide can help to boost collagen level in human body.Sufficient Collagen in Human Body helps to “Catch Water, Supplement Water, and Lock Water”.
It is “Natural Reservoir” of Human Body

Efficient collagen in human body helps to “catch water, supplement water, and lock water”. It is named as “natural reservoir” of human body. Collagen helps to keep skin moisturized, white, elastic, and smooth. It helps to shrink pores, enhance the appearance of hair and nails, and maintain the flexibility of joint and elasticity of ligament. As people become older, the collagen level decreases. Wrinkle and pigmentation increases. Skin loses elasticity and becomes loose. Ligament on joint becomes thin. Arthritis may occur. Clair Fish Collagen Peptide helps to boost collagen level in human body. It may help to improve skin moisture level, skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and promote healthy hair and nails. It helps you look younger and healthier.

How to determine if it is Clair Fish Collagen Peptide
Experiment: Visible Miraculous Effect

Dissolve 3000mg (3g) in 2oz of room-temperature water. Your face will become white, smooth, and moisturized. Apply the solution evenly on one hand and one arm. When the solution is absorbed by your skin, re-apply for 2 more times. You may see some changes. Compare the arm to the one without solution, Skin becomes slightly whiter and some pigmentation is reduced.